Hints & Tips to Help You Choose that Special Care Facility for your Loved One

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Hints & Tips to Help You Choose that Special Care Facility for your Loved One

  • Browse through the Nursing Homes/Care Centres displayed on this Web Site Nursing Homes in Ireland and select 3 or 4 homes that provide the facilities you are looking for. It is important when choosing a home that it is within easy access for family and friends to visit. Arrange to take a tour of the facilities.
  • As you are touring, remember that it is not the decor that counts, but the quality of care your loved one will receive. Do you feel at ease while touring? Are the staff friendly and inviting?
  • Ask lots of questions on personal care. Look at present residents. Are they clean-shaven with well groomed hair and nails? Are they dressed appropriately? Do the staff treat residents with respect and a smile?
  • Safety and security features are most important. Are the bathrooms easily accessible and do they have grab bars in convenient locations? If a resident has an emergency how do they contact staff? What other safety features are evident throughout the community? Ask about staffing arrangements to establish who will be on-site to assist the resident. What are the staffing patterns at night versus daytime? How are medications managed?
  • All Nursing Homes are subject to inspection by HIQA which is an independent authority that exists to improve health and social care services for the people of Ireland. The Inspection Reports give a very good indication of  the leadership and management of the centre and how effective it is in ensuring that a good quality and safe service is being provided. It includes information about the care and supports available for people and the environment in which they live. The latest Inspection Reports can be viewed at the  following link: HIQA Inspection Reports of Nursing Homes  


  • Staff attitude and friendliness are of great importance. How do they interact with residents? Do they listen and make eye contact?
  • What activities are laid on for the residents? Do they match your loved one's interest? Are they well attended? Investigate the outdoor area for residents. Does it feel safe and secure? View the community event calendar. Are close family members invited to participate in functions like Christmas Party/Garden Party?
  • Is the community fresh and clean? Look past the furnishings and into corners,cupboards and windows. odors may indicate lack of cleanliness or a temporary problem that was caused by a recnet incident. Odors throughout the community may indicate a problem.
  • Ensure that dining room facilities are comprehensive with a varied menu choice. Discuss what happens if a resident cannot make it to the dining room for a meal.

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